About Diabetic Service Dog Trainer Bill Pereira

Bill Pereira has been training retrievers for 40 years. Over the last 8 years he has specialized in training Labrador Retrievers as Diabetic Service Dogs. Bill has been a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic for 47 years; he understands the need for accurate ways to avoid Insulin Shock or Hypoglycemia. Bill’s struggle with night time insulin shock had taken a huge toll on Bill’s health.

By training Chief, an English Bred Labrador Retriever, to detect low blood sugars, Bill’s life has dramatically changed for the better. Bill no longer lives with the fear of Insulin Shock.

Chief and Bill are inseparable; Chief goes everywhere with Bill; business trips, hotels, airlines and every day at work. Most importantly Chief stands vigil at night to protect his Master from nighttime shock... a job that he does with undying devotion.

About Chief

Chief is a 5 year old English Labrador Retriever that we have trained to detect low and high blood sugar reactions. English Labs have a very steady, gentle and kind temperament which makes them perfect candidates for a service dog. Their sense of smell and taste are the tools that we use to train the dogs to help their diabetic companions. When a diabetic's blood sugar drops a service dog can detect this situation through their nose.

Physiologic changes take place in the body hormonally that causes a diabetic to smell differently than you and I. A dog trained to sniff out these differences can detect the blood sugar changes and alert their human companion through barking or licking. Chief is a licker. He will lick Bill's hand or arm and pester him until he gets himself some sugar or calories.